Monica with a new pallet of organic extra virgin olive oil and coconut oils.
The convergence! Taking delivery of 2000 gallons of virgin olive and coconut oils, and shipping orders out!

Welcome to Monica’s CocoCastile organic bath and body products.

I am so happy you found us! If there is anything I can help you with today, please contact me, I am available via email or telephone.

Why do I make soap?

That is the best question you can ask a soap and body, product maker. I make soap because my children were adversely affected by the leading infant and baby products. Which led to my search for more natural non-irritating soap. This taught us (The Carter Family), more about the body products we were buying and we slowly began creating liquid soap from our bar scraps, so we have a cold processed, King’s Castillo soap, French-milled, into liquid soap. That may seem elementary but to the contrary, it is actually an unachievable, impossibility in the industry. Why? Because all liquid soap is Hot-processed with oils that are refined meaning all the glycerin and emollients have been removed at high temperatures, above 240 degrees to cook off all the water.    This is how all clear liquid soap is made, in fact, to call a clear liquid soap a Castile or Castillo would be Incorrect labeling! Castillo soap, named after the region of Spain ruled by The Castillo Family, a region famous for its olive oil, declared he will only use soap made from cold-processed extra virgin olive oil, creating a nourishing soap that leaves skin and hair soft and can be used for infants and babies without adverse reactions!  Castillo soap is made at or under 100 degrees, which releases and retains oleic acid (heals skin cells and cleans deep down into the pores) and glycerin that keeps skin feeling moist and soft, not coated with heavy waxy residue. We now make a wide range of body products that work the way you would like them to work, and I make sure every single thing I make keeps you coming back for more! Big Love, Moni

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