Where to Buy

You can buy Monica’s CocoCastile products online or at these fine stores:
Earth Fare Ocala, Florida

Lucky’s Market (Gainesville, Naples, Orlando, Coral Springs, Tallahassee)

Lucky’s Market (Melbourne, Neptune Beach, Plantation, Oakland Park, Sarasota, and Panama City)
Ward’s Supermarket (Gainesville)
Pearl’s Country Store (Micanopy)
Chiappini’s (Melrose)
Lotus Asian and Natural Food Market (Ocala)
Crones’ Cradle Conserve (Orange Springs)
V and N Crafts and Gifts Palatka, Fl
Sunflower Health Foods Gainesville
Sunflower Health Foods Lake City

13 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. Love your soap! I’m trying to order more of the Patchouli Rose.
    Kathy Fleming gave me one bar and I’m out as well as Kathy is out. How do we order? Carole Mayner

    1. Hello Carole,
      Thank you very much, I am delighted you like the soap! We have 4 ounce bars and will have the large 6.5 ounce bars on May 8th. If you live near Gainesville, Ward’s has some in stock.
      If you would like I can message you as soon as they are ready.

  2. My sister purchased a bar of your Patchouli soap last weekend at the McIntosh Festival. IT IS FANTASTIC. I want to by several more bars. Will you be in Ocala this next weekend. I’m sure you will be in Micanopy, but I will not be able to attend this weekend. I live in Ocala. Is the Ocala Farmers market the only place your products are sold in Ocala?

    Thank you,


    1. Hello Earl, I’m so happy you are enjoying the soaps, we will be back at Ocala farm ‘market on November 30thn. We will be in Ocala for the Ocali days on the 9thn and 10thn of November at the Silver River State museum.
      Also sold at Pearls country bbq and ward’s super market and we are available at Kate’s Fish Camp on Hawthorne rd outside of Gainesville.

  3. Hi there! Raven and Jeremy and I are now in Kansas and Raven is out of his Sandalwood soap! How do we order a bar? Also, we would like to try out the patchouli /rose if you have a sample available?
    I know we are far away, but there will never be another Sandal wood soap for my boys hair! Love your Love!

    1. Hi Alice,
      We can process your order via phone, email or online through this site.
      Best to you both

  4. I am interested in pricing your soaps and possibly buying some of them. Do you sell online?

    1. Hello Tom,
      You may purchase directly from our website, using the pull down menu to select you scent choices.
      Thank you,

  5. Hi!
    I’ve been going to the Gainesville Downtown farmer’s market for the past few weeks, except for this week and haven’t seen you there! Will you be back any time soon? I would really like to get a few bars of sandalwood soap 🙂

    1. Hello Lauralee,
      It has been too hot and rainy I am sorry about missing you.
      We do offer free priority shipping through the website.
      You can also drop by anytime at Kate’s Fish Camp on Hawthorne rd. just past Newnan’s lake boat ramp on the left.
      Also Ward’s and Lucky’s market carries our products and have sandalwood bars in stock.
      I am not sure when I will be back, hopefully in September.
      We are very busy keeping up with products and hope to hire someone to help us, soon.
      Thank you, for understanding.
      Kindest Regards’,

  6. Does Earth Fare in Ocala, FL carry Monica’s Cococastile soaps? I thought I got some samples there when the store first opened.

    1. Hello Olivia, Earth Fare carries our bar soaps, shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser and hair serum. Thank you for contacting us, if you have any questions you can call directly 352-372-1026 or email me at soapmakermonica at gmail dot com.

  7. Just picked up a bar at Chiappinis in Melrose. Love it! Going to try other products as well.

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