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7 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hello Monica,
    As I have said before, I love your soaps.
    I wanted to tell you about an e-commerce store that is free list as many products as you’d like. If only you could sell your products on that website it would be great because I also get credit whenever I buy anything on there. If you are interested here is the link:

  2. Hi Monica,

    I received a sample of your face wash and I loved it! It was to die for. I waited for a while for it to be sold at Luckys supermarket and was ecstatic when I saw it on the shelf. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed because the product in the bottle was hard and it is extremely difficult to squeeze out of the tube. To get a decent amount I have to take the cap off and dig my fingers in the tube. It does not resemble the sample I once tried and does not leave my face feeling as good as the sample I received.

    The sample I received was in a tiny plastic baggy and when it dried out or was exposed to too much air, it became hard, and that is what the whole tube I bought is like. I would love to buy this product again, but only if it had the same characteristics of the sample I tried.

    1. Hi Molly,
      Sorry your facial cleanser is too thick, simply add a little hot water and shake it up or place in a sink of hot water and it will loosen for you. We don’t want to sell you thin watery product, it is thick and concentrated. It is a natural product and will sometimes need adjustment, too thick or needs to shake!
      Best to you, Monica

  3. Hi Monica
    Do you still make Aloe Vera shampoo I love it and did not see it on the list to order I will hold my order until you let me know if you still have it or not. Thanks Kim Eckhoff

    1. Hi Kimberly,
      Thank you for asking, yes we do make Aloe Vera Shampoo! Our standard shampoo is the new and improved version.

      Here is the product link,
      French Milled Monica’s Cococastile Formula (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Expeller-pressed Coconut Oil, Essential Oil, Steam Distilled Filtered Water), Aloe Vera Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal, Horsetail Tea.

  4. Hi Monica,
    Last time I ordered you offered a discount for ordering a large number of unwrapped bars of the same scent. I love your soaps and can’t wait to try the salt scrub too!

  5. Hi monica, I received ur lemongrass soap as weddin gift I luv it!! i will b orderin different scents bye bye caress, HELLO COCOCASTILE

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