Our Natural Soap Story

Homemade in the USA

Monica’s Cococastile is family owned and operated in Gainesville, Florida. Our goal is to create and provide the best products possible, because quality is important to us.

About Monica’s Cococastile Natural Soap

Monica Carter began making soap over twenty years ago to help her family with sensitive skin. While other soaps came with harsh side-effects, her carefully designed natural soap would only moisturize and cleanse.

For years, she gave away her soaps to friends and family in need. It never occurred to her to sell her products until Kate’s had slowed down due to a harsh drought.  Determined, she packed and headed for the Farmer’s Market to sell her natural soaps.

To her surprise, she met many wonderful people who had the same problems her family had experienced with commercial soap, and as a result of trying her natural soap, their symptoms cleared up as well.

For years she sold her natural soaps at Gainesville’s Farmer’s Market every Wednesday, and Ocala Farm Market every Saturday.  Because of this, several stores discovered her products and thus Monica began making natural soap full-time.

After seeing her success, her husband, Mike, began creating inventions to increase production. He created many wonderful devices in order to mold and cut soap efficiently, which allowed Monica to perfect other products. As a result, she now makes Body Butter, Lip Balm, Shampoo, and more!


14 thoughts on “Our Natural Soap Story

  1. Such an amazing product……….who knew……….a bar of soap could make a difference! No more ‘liquid stuff’ for me! Thanks for a great product I didn’t know that I needed!

    1. Hi Sandra, I am so happy you are enjoying the soaps! Thank you for your feedback! I could not believe myself what a difference extra virgin olive oil can make….<3 <3 <3

  2. Purchased your soap while on holiday in Ocala,,just think it is the best product Ihave ever used…Once had a terrible rash on my chest and was so self concious about it that wearing tops with spaggetti straps was out of the my wardrobe but after only a few times using the rash is gone,,,now Iam really glad that Ireturned to the market to purchase a few more bars too bring home to Canada…willl definitly oder more in the future…..Thank -You Monica

    1. Thank you Marilyn!
      I greatly appreciate your feedback, we are so happy the soap is giving your skin relief. Soap is a very important factor in our lives as our body absorbs 60% of what we put on. We believe that should be good for you, Olive oils are the best for your skin, helping to regenerate cellular structure. Making you softer and forming a protective barrier on the skins surface.
      Soap that loves you back!
      Take care,
      Monica and Mike

  3. Where I can purchase these items online? I do not live close to Gainsville, thanks…

    1. Hello Anne, Here is the link to our products page, click learn more and pick which size you want then add to your cart. If you have any more trouble, please contact me and I will gladly put your order together. Thank you, Monica
      soapmakermonica@gmail.com 352 372-1026

  4. Hey Monica,

    I ran into you at Wards the other day. I told you about the Green Card Project. If you want to participate, please email me your logo/info and if you want to make an offer like free sample when you show or mention the Green Card. -Mary Moore 🙂

  5. A friend shared a small sample bar she got at the fair at Cedar Key in the fragrance of Plumeria, wow, love it and am interested in purchasing some. I live in Spring Hill, too far from Ocala or Gainsville, so will have to order online. Sincerely Barbara B

  6. Definitely found my supplier of soaps, oils, etc. Wonderful fragrance and results. I am 70 years old and still get have people telling how good my skin looks. Thank you for your exquisite products.

  7. I met you at the Ocala Strawberry Festival and I was so impressed by how much you knew about soap and could back up what you say. All the other soap vendors didn’t know much and didn’t have anything to help my eczema. After a few weeks of using your soap, I was skeptical that you said I could use it as a face wash, but after using it the very first time, I noticed that my red marks from past blemishes were fading. and After few weeks I still have yet to have a breakout. Not to mention my eczema isn’t nearly as itchy and my skin is much smoother. I am officially sold on your products! The first time my girlfriend tried it, she came out to the living room and said “I just tried that soap and a REALLY like it! We need to get more.” We will definitely be ordering from you even after we move cross country.

    1. Hello Natalie, I am so happy your skin is feeling better!
      You are Now a Special Ambassador of Our soap!
      This comes with special privileges such as free products, samples for your friends and whatever we can do to help. Just Ask!
      Thank you for your feedback, as it helps us help others who come to us in need.

  8. I first purchased your soaps in Gainesville, FL at a craft fair about 4 years ago. Since then I have never bought store brand soap or shampoo again. I love the way my skin and hair feels and they all smell so good.

  9. Best soap I have ever used, hands down. Fragrance is downright therapeutic.
    I just love this stuff.

  10. If you have longed for a soap that you can trust is made with pure, all-natural, chemical-free ingredients, Castile would be at the the top of the list.

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