History of Castile Soap

True Castile Soap is made from extra virgin olive oil and originated in the Kingdom of Castilla, a part of the country that we know today as Spain. Unlike soap production in other countries such as England and France where animal fats were used as the main ingredient, The castile region had an abundance of olive groves brought by the Romans a few centuries earlier and it was discovered that olive oil produced a far superior soap and Castile soap was born.

Within 2 years Castile soap became a very desired commodity in Europe and became the first choice of many royal families and wealthy people throughout Europe. Castile soap was the choice of the king of France, decreed all Marseille soap makers would only make soap from first pressed olive oil.

Commercial soap makers call any soap made with vegetable oil a castile soap today and it is poor comparison to a true Castile soap containing 100% virgin olive oil exclusively. Many companies especially in the USA use the name Castile on their products even though there is no olive oil at all in them. Pure castile soap produces a very mild and creamy lather without large bubbles, it is extremely mild, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin types and also for babies and small children’s tender skin. Since castile soaps were first made, mankind has discovered coconut oil and methods of extracting and distilling essential oils from plant and fruit material. These can be added to enhance the properties and naturally fragrance the soap and also provide therapeutic qualities to the benefits of the extra virgin olive oil. Monica’s base is Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil with Organic Coconut oil for tremendous lather that you will find superior in cleansing your skin and hair, we add Therapeutic Essential oils to create a superior product for sensitive skin: Nourishing ~ Regenerating ~ Moisturizing experience in our Luxury Organic Bath and Body line.


3 thoughts on “History of Castile Soap

  1. Best soap ever – smell is amazing – not to strong – just right – and lather and bubbles the perfect amount – not to much – not to little – and rinses nicely – what more can you say – this is what soap is supposed to be.

  2. I have had no issues with Castile soap being drying. I do have a problem with many soaps drying me out, and this doesn t seem to. Been using it for years.

    1. A true Castile soap still contains 100% Olive oil exclusively, although many seem to believe that a soap can be classed as a Castile if it contains a little olive oil and many companies especially in the USA use the name Castile on their products even though there is no olive oil at all in them.

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