Love your summer body!

The heat is On!  And we are all stocked up ready to help keep you looking your head to toe best this summer!

Wow, good thing we have so many wonderful soaps and body products to keep you Cool and Chemical Free! Did you know heat increases absorption?  Check those labels folks!

Treasure set

Treasure box filled with 8 large bars of Monica’s soaps.

Head to Toe nourishment starting off with our CocoCastile Shampoo Bars, amazing thick lather unlike anything else, rinses so clean you can use on your face, hair and even newborn babies, gentle, nourishing, therapeutic, you won’t ever want to  use regular soap, body wash or commercial shampoo again!

Our products are truly  Sulfate Free, Cold Processed, Organic, Food Grade!

Family made in Gainesville, Florida since 1995! Did you know Monica developed the formula for her children to help their skin condition after realizing they developed an allergy to baby shampoo ingredient no more tears sodium laureth sulfate which is a stripping sulfate detergent (not a soap) that includes a pain reliever with a long list of irritants. Although we kept searching for a Natural alternative one did not exist in 1995, so began our formula for Pure soap, today we pride ourselves in making the only true pure soap available today. Made with Organic Extra Virgin Spanish Olive oil and Organic Coconut oil our lye is food grade sodium hydroxide used in processing Olives and Bagels for food along with Distilled filtered well water we are super serious about purity, we use oxides naturally derived from the earth for color and to continue our plant based formula we add plant extracts to make our products over the top Eco Lux!

So Clean you can use for Everything:

Shampoo ~ Body wash ~ Shave Soap ~Infants~ Tooth paste ~ Laundry soap ~ Pets

aloe shampoo

Organic Shampoo!

Aloe shampoo is the most nourishing shampoo! Made from our Castile formula we add aloe juice to add the perfect ph balance for hair, then we add colloidal oatmeal and horsetail extract for tangle free hair! Along with essential oils of grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon and tangerine giving a lively fresh citrus experience for your day.

body butter, lotion, moisturizer

Body butter is the Bomb! Soft Skin and Smells Delightful, too!

The body butter is a real hit, take anywhere for quick relief from dry, itchy skin, use for your whole body and be happy that it is made from organic infused extra virgin olive oil, which repairs skin, calendula, comfrey, sooth and heal chapped, dry, cracked skin and cocoa butter to seal it all in, bees wax to keep it together on even the hottest of summer days. The tube is handy and puts the lotion right where you want it and makes a wonderful massage lotion. Many scents available here.

Now available in Organic Deodorant scents.

facial cleanser

Facelift in a bottle!

Have you tried our facial cleanser? Grab one before you go, you will be so happy you did!

Facial cleanser is a must have, as your skin has never met a product so clean used daily it removes build up while revitalizing skin on a cellular level as only extra virgin olive oil has oleic acid that actually regenerates new cells and our facial cleanser is made with 60% EVOO! Made into soap first this releases natural glycerin from the olive oil which is vital to skins moisture and elasticity!  Try for one week and will Love the way it makes your skin look and feel!  Can be left on for a mask for 3 to 5 minutes or for severe deep skin treatment leave on overnight.

You can rest assured we stand by Our formula and Our word!  We never use hexane processed organic waste oils olive or coconut, sulfate ingredients regular or organic derived from coconut oil, palm oils, castor oil, or Derived from any other irritant the so called natural list!