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Monicas Cococastile Soap, is Excited to be a Finalist in the American Made Martha Stewart Awards!!!   Please vote for me to win by clicking the link and sharing on social media sites, the more you share the more chances we have to win!   Voting Begins September 15th, please share us with your friends and help us Win, we would be Honored! And we sure could us that prize money to expand and streamline our operation and make even more amazing products like organic deodorant, lotions and awesome packaging for our essential oils, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil…..We love making organic whole body products and Thank you for the opportunity to do what we Love!

As a Thank You for helping us get our name out there and share our products with your friends and family, we are offering FREE SHIPPING with No Minimum!    Please Enjoy!

Fall is almost here and we can feel it in the air, with smells of the acorns blowing in, makes me reminiscent of Fall Festivals, apples, colorful leaves and long nature walks with my family. What this really means is time to ramp up production in the soap shop! And prepare for the Holiday season just around the corner. No worries, I have done all that for you, We have lovely baskets in Small, Medium and Large, we have salt scrubs and lotions, body bars and natural body sprays. Flu baskets you say? Why Yes we do, complete with a Now brand Ultra Sonic Diffuser! And a Full line of essential oils and I can blend anything You desire!

Four Thieves oil is the Hottest Scent for the Home and Office

Kills Germs and airborne Bacteria! Woot! And smells like a Cinnabun shop!

Rejoice, 4 drops of the blend into the ultra sonic diffuser and 4 ounces of tap water! , turn on the unit, pick a color, enjoy aromatherapy for 8 hours, It turns itself off! It’s That Simple, easy to clean, wipe out with a paper towel and change your scent. It has a customer care number on the bottom of the unit and replacement guarantee. Best of all there is Nothing to burn, no waxes, no flame, no trimming, no burn time.                         Pure essential oil Bliss!

essential oils are wonderful

Essential oils therapeutic benefits are wonderful

essential oil diffuser

Now brand Ultrasonic diffuser works great!














Food grade Organic products

Monicas Cococastile Products are Food grade Organic!                     

vote for me to win American Made Awards

American Made Martha Stewart Finalist

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